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quando: 18.06.2020 - 21.06.2020 thumb
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Titolo dell'Evento 16° International Rally - Vulcan Riders Czech Republic
dove: --- altro --- (Repubblica Ceca)
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31 Marzo 2020 limite massimo di prenotazione e pagamento.

Vulcan Riders Czech Republic
Vulcan Riders Slovak Republic

Together, Vulcan Riders CzechRepublic and Vulcan Riders Slovak Republic invite all Vulcan Riders andfriends to the 16th International VRA Party on 18 to 21 June 2020.

The place of the meeting waschosen in the heart of Europe, in the Czech Republic near the town of Náchod.

Camp ATC Rozkoš, the meetingplace, is located on the shores at the Rozkoš reservoir, right at the foothillsof the Orlické hory and near the Adršpach-Teplice Rocks, unusual sandstone rockcities.



A walk through time

A rare number of castles, chateaus and sacredmonuments have been preserved in East Bohemia. Tourists interested in historyare attracted by the historical centres of cities, just as castles such asKun?tická Mountain, Pecka, Lichnice, Rychmburk, Litice or Svojanov. Litomyšlcity boasts a dominant monument, which has been included on the UNESCO list ofworld cultural heritage sites since 1999. It is a unique Renaissance chateauwith more than eight thousand sgrafito. Among other architectural gems of EastBohemia are e.g. the chateau in ?astolovice, Nový Hrady called the CzechVersailles and the Hospital Kuks. Visitors can also see a show of variousarchitectural styles and learn about the history of times long ago. If you arelooking for something specific or unique, you are bound to find it here – frommilitary and technical monuments, through observatories to the world famous ZOODv?r Králové and its safari.

Through nature

The Eastern Bohemian landscape offers an inexhaustiblenumber of natural beauties. Spending free time outside of town and villageswill provide visitors many pleasing moments and experiences. Valuable andrelatively untouched ecosystems of flora and fauna in many locations have ledto increased protection and their subsequent declaration as protected landscapeterritories and nature preserves containing old-growth forests, rare species ofwater fowl, arboretums with rare trees, and elsewhere thermophile plants andrare molluscs.

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